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Posrebrzana maselniczka "Fragetka"
Posrebrzana maselniczka "Fragetka"

"Fragetka" silver plated butter dish

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Material: 999 silver plated

Silver coating thickness: 24 microns

Finish: high gloss

Warranty: All the silver plated Hefra products are covered by a 7-year warranty.

Contents of the package:

"Fragetka" butter dish (KO-1627) - 1 piece (H. 9cm; Ø 13cm)

The Hefra tableware is a lovely idea for a gift that will remain a family souvenir for future generations.

Breakfast cannot take place without butter. Served in an elegant silver piece, it makes every meal a feast. "Fragetka" elegant oxidized butter dish is the best way to start the day. A beautifully laid table, fresh fragrant scones and butter served in a royal way will ensure unforgettable moments with the ones who are the closest to your heart. Chic decoration, hand-finished and high-quality 999 silver will make every meal truly royal.

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