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Posrebrzany świecznik - prostota i elegancja na stole
Posrebrzany świecznik - prostota i elegancja na stole

Silver plated candlestick - simplicity and elegance on the table

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Contents of the package:

straight bedside candlestick (KO-0505) - 1 piece (H. 25.5cm)

Is there anything more beautiful than a romantic candlelight dinner? Warm flames reflecting in the cool shade of high-quality silver will provide a one-of-a-kind atmosphere not only during meals. The 999 hallmarked silver plated, five-armed Hefra candlestick is the perfect addition to your home. Its hand-finished and simple, classic form will create the style in any interior. The Hefra silverware is a wonderful gift idea that will remain a family memento for future generations.

The candlestick is placed in durable and elegant packaging that protects against damage and dirt. Its perfectly matched recess enhances details, giving it an outstanding presence.

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